“Be A Peace Maker Campaign 2010”

Summery Of Project;
Too many war atrocities in our communities leading to the destruction of our natural resources and developmental efforts, This have contributed strongly to the increment in the rate of poverty among the people of our communities and affecting also the economic stability of our country at large.

Trinity Care and Needy Foundation (TRINCAF) has therefore seen the need to go on a peace education tour to educate the people in our communities also want to grope them one place as a Classes to train
to promote it and ways and means of promoting it. Using the principles of non- violent communication (NVC).

Our needs which are noted to be the cause of our actions and reactions which can either be of violence or non-violence have not been left alone, TRINCAF will use the same platform to hunt for the talented but poor and needy for any possible assistance to enable them enhance their God given talents, making them employable in the job market prompting a good living conditions as part of our poverty alleviation efforts.

Some Facts on Peace Sustainability:
• All people have the responsibility to respect the human rights of others.
• Any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender or age is unacceptable.
• Violent behavior in any form should not be avoided.
• Challenges and conflicts are best resolved by working together democratically.
• The voices of all members of the community are valuable. Their empowerment can make a difference.
• Health is incomplete without spiritual peace.
• Darkness cannot drive away darkness only light can do that.

 To educate individuals, organizations and institutions on the importance of peace, the need to promote it and ways and means of promoting it
 To maintain peace by advising the people in the communities to strictly abide by all rules and regulations in the communities guiding a peaceful co existence.
 To help the talented but poor and needy in our societies to enhance their talents making them employable in the job market as part of our poverty alleviation efforts.
 To extend our coverage to the rest of the ten regions of Ghana and other African countries lacking democracy or suffering violence.
 To promote the action of the Ambassadors of Peace (A.O.P) program.
 To improve social participation and good inter-personal relationships in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.

Target Group;
Government officials, Community Leaders, Lecturers/Teachers, Students (from Basic to Tertiary institutions), Volunteers from other NGO’s and the populace of our various communities.
Media and Techniques;
Production of small diary-like guide books on NVC in English and the local languages for distribution among the participants, News releases to the Newspapers, Television and Radio stations. Arranging Television and Radio interviews on peace with Governmental Officials and Resource Personalities, Buying Television airtime for educative dramas on peace and to display pose vocal question such “what’s alive in you”? “What can you do to make life more wonderful for others”? And radio airtime for educative programs on peace. Printing of Posters for pasting in the community places.
These goals are concretized through the following activities:
• Conducting workshops. These workshops have the aim to enhancing the knowledge of psychosocial issues and social values, as well as empowering the participants by providing them with tools to combat violence and manage conflicts.
• Set up a group of volunteer psycho-social assistants, equipped with the needed tools that make it possible for them to become more peaceful individuals by understanding the Ambassadors of Peace curriculum.
• Consequently decrease corporal punishment against children in schools and subsequently society through the promotion of a child-friendly learning environment, learning without fear and discipline in conformity with the child’s dignity.